Shag Classes with RandyandSue
Classes run from September thru May..



"We will teach you to shag dance using easy to learn lead/follow dance technique
with awesome footwork and smooth style"

Classes: Feb 2, 9, 16, and 23

We have shag classes on Tuesdays in Shallotte NC at the "At The House Restaurant" and on Thursdays at Brunswick Community College in Supply NC. BCC class members are invited to attend our classes at the "At The House Restaurant" for FREE!

Beginners I & II

Class at 7 PM


Never Pay for a missed class with RandyandSue

 7 PM    


NOW You can learn to shag dance or improve your dancing skills in our
shag dance classes at the:
At the House Restaurant and Tavern
4764 Main St, Shallotte, NC

Click HERE for a Map.

There are 4 classes in each monthly session..

$40.00 Single per month
 $60 Couple per month
Now you may pay by the night: $12 per person
(ATH CLasses only)
New sessions start the first Tuesday of each month September thru May.

Miss a Class? Never pay for a missed Class!

Sign-up To Sign-up by email .. Click HERE 
(Early sign up reserves your place in our class but you must be at the first class at least 15 minutes early to register. Early sign-up is not required, you may simply show up before class time but it will be first come first served)                           
(or our address
You may also call:    910 579-3443   or     843 424-1001
(at the start of each new monthly session be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to get signed in)

Learn about who we are and what we teach in our classes.

Our Classes are FUN..Meet new people and learn to shag so you can join in on the unbelievable amount of shag dancing found in the NC-SC area such as Beach Music Festivals..Shag Club Parties and SOS!

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We believe in teaching easy to learn lead/follow dance techniques that allow people to dance together in a social dance situation rather that relying on complex mirror patterns that are hard to remember and make it nearly impossible to dance with people you don’t practice with!
Ladies Please bring men to our class!..
There are always more women than men who want to learn the shag..we will rotate so you get to learn to dance with everyone.

Who We are:

Randy and Sue Bowling have been teaching shag dancing in the Myrtle Beach area for over 12+ years. We are well known for our smooth style dancing that does not require memorizing mirror step patterns.. Our students learn to dance in a way that makes it easy to dance with any one in a social situation and do very well. We have taught literally hundreds of Myrtle Beach people to shag. Fat Harold's and Ducks are filled with people who will tell you about their experience with us. We also perform exhibition dancing at conventions in our area. 


What we teach:

    We teach the same subjects in both private and class lessons. Classes are FUN and you get to meet and dance with other people. Private lessons are more detailed for your own particular needs.

     Please start with our Beginners Class and graduate to our Intermediate class after you can easily perform all the beginner shag steps

Beginners typically learn:
     The basic, start, female turn, male turn, spin-into-side, trail, moving around, and belly roll! We also teach the men the secrets of leading so your lady can dance with you much better!

Intermediates learn:
The secrets to developing smoothness in your dance! Plus: stutter steps, kick-back, pivot, dancing belly roll, setups, hooks, boogie walk, popovers, doo-dah, apple jack, sugar foot, tuck-and -shift technique, fancy foot work, and on and on....

Advanced Students learn:
complex pivots, advanced foot work, jump-under's, barrel rolls, advanced basic variations, lay-outs, and spins. Plus we teach you how to craft your own dance style and custom steps.

How we teach:

Each lesson is designed to help the student learn to dance while developing their own individual style. We teach simple methods for leading and following so you can dance with any partner smoothly and confidently in a social dance situation. Our classes are planned to be a continuing set. You may take one class or a set of them and build your knowledge of shag dancing.



Our Missed Class Policy

Tell us at initial class sign-up about class dates that you can not attend and we will prorate the fee so that
you are not charged for classes that you miss!

  • If something happens and you miss a class that you have already paid for
    we will provide you with a makeup date!
    For any reason other that illness or emergency you should
    notify us by phone (910 579-3443) or email 24 hours in advance.