Female Basic     
A One Minuite Shag Lesson from Randy and Sue! visit www.randyandsue.com

right forward left up right back a tiny amount left back shift weight to the right foot shift back to the left foot right back shift wieght to the left foot.

Women always start on the RIGHT FOOT.
The music beats are on the whole numbers the "and" steps fall between the beat!
Staying with the music beat is ESSENTIAL! Never dance off beat its much better to stop and start back on beat!
No giant steps..all are smooth and small.
The five and six beat are also called "Back Step" but they are done in a smooth manner - never allow your Butt to rock back past your heals.
Never dance with your legs bowed out and feet spread apart or everyone will think you have a dump in your britches...

Watch the animation above it is doing the Female Basic!