Help with Installing or Updating Adobe Flash and enabling JAVA in your web browser.
(needed for the InstantStart versions of videos and the InstantPhotoViewer)

We have upgraded to utilize Flash video and photo viewing technology. Our InstantStart Video Player and our InstantPhotoViewer will let you view the many photos and videos with no waiting for downloads! These new features require you to have Java enabled on your internet browser and the latest version of Adobe Flash....

We are now providing our Shag Dance Review Videos in both Windows Media and Adobe Flash formats. We are calling the Flash versions InstantStart Videos because that is what they do:
You will get immediate start with no waiting!!

Both video formats are on for FREE. Both have the same content and quality. The InstantStart Videos are preferred because they will immediately start to play when you click on them and you can select from a variety of related RandyandSue videos right from the web player without having to return to the Shag Lesson Page!

The Windows Media versions are found by clicking the link at the top of the shag video list. This will open a window with all the familiar RandyandSue videos in the familiar .wmv format.

Use the .wmv versions if you do not want to install Adobe Flash or enable Java on your computer. They are also great for downloading to your computer for off-line viewing or for making your own private-use DVD videos!

To Update or Install Adobe Flash
and Enable JAVA

Try the new InstantStartVideos found on our Shag Lesson Page. When you click the PLAY icon a new window with the RandyandSue Web Player should appear.

You should see this on the screen:

If you see this.... You are ready to go! Simply click once inside the Player's screen area to Activate it. Then you will be able to move your mouse pointer to the video list at the bottom of the player and pick from a number of related videos (auto scroll). We have grouped videos that are on the same or similar topics so you can select them whenever you like. Click and watch them immediately..NO WAITING TIME for the videos to start playing!!


If the RandyandSue Web Player does not open, is blank or not working after the first mouse click (activate click) then you have two things to do:

  • FIRST Check your internet browser to see that JAVA is enabled.
    Internet Explorer :
    1. Click "Tools" --> "Internet Options"
    2. Select the Advanced Tab, and scroll down to "Java (Sun)"
    3. Check the box next to the "Use Java JRE ..." version
    4. Click the "Apply" button
    5 . Next, select the Security Tab, and select the "Custom Level" button
    6 . Scroll down to "Scripting of Java applets"
    7 . Make sure the "Enable" radio button is checked.
    8 . Click OK to save your preference.

    (For other internet browsers CLICK: How to enable Java.)

  • SECOND Update or install a copy of the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player:

Get Adobe Flash Player
click to install free Adobe Flash

          If you need help with the Adobe Flash installation or have             more questions the answers are HERE.


For HELP with InstantStart Videos or with using the VideoPlayer
click HERE