NOW you can have you own custom
ShagLesson              Video DVD
with RandyandSue!

We take pride in teaching shag lessons that concentrate on learning to dance in a social setting. This means learning to lead and follow using shag moves that can be fit together to craft a fun new dance every time you go out on the floor.Our Free ShagDance ReviewVideos are all about this way of dancing and it is what we emphasize when you take private lessons from us..


We are now able to video record your private shag lesson with us and produce a custom one-of-a-kind DVD that you can take with you for review and practice. This is an optional service when you take lessons from RandyandSue at our in-home studio.

Imagine having a video that covers the very things that you need to know and shows you how to dance with confidence and style! This has got to be an improvement over the normal shag videos that show tons of complex mirror steps...most of which you may never use! This custom video is exactly the right thing for you because we record it as we teach your private shag lesson. This will be your own private-use video DVD get the only copy to use for learning and reviewing what we have taught you in your lesson.

The RandyandSue ShagLesson DVD is professional quality and it is recorded while we are teaching the lesson. Most people have their 4th lesson recorded so we can review everything you have learned during the four-lesson series. (Individual lessons may also be recorded if you want to keep a comprehensive set of custom learning DVD's.)

When you purchase our 4 Lesson Package for $150, the 4th lesson is video recorded and shipped to you for only $5.00! (The editing and DVD production process requires a day to we ship your private-use DVD to your home address.)

  • Only $5 to make a video DVD of the 4th lesson of our $150.00 four-lesson package!
  • Individual lessons may be video recorded for $ 20 each.

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