• Do I need to buy a video, take a class, or get private lessons?
               Sue and I feel strongly that learn-to-shag videos are great for reviewing the steps and techniques that you have already learned. But they don't work as well as a good shag class and /or private lessons from a well qualified and experienced teacher. So we want you to consider a good shag class and /or private lessons from a well qualified and experienced teacher. When you take a class or a private lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of shag dancing and have a teacher there to coach you so you will look good. The teacher is the key here.
                 Shag classes are a great way to get started learning. Hopefully there are classes near where you live and you will learn the basic steps and have a fun time in the social atmosphere that is part of a group class!
                 Private lessons are THE SECRET to becoming a good and confident dancer. You get personal attention and your individual problems get fixed. Plus in private lessons you should expect to be coached about developing your own style that suits how you naturally move..This is the big advantage over group classes or videos .....private coaching! TECHNIQUE and STYLE make all the difference in how you look and feel about shag dancing!
  • How do I select a Teacher?
              When you select a teacher to take a a class from or for private lessons, try to get a good look at how the teacher dances out at the clubs before you signup! Remember your teacher must know how to execute the steps as well as how to lead/follow while looking very good at it ..There are tons of teachers who have little or no serious shag teaching experience. Many of these "teachers" rely on using mirror step after mirror step as a teaching method with little or no attention to style, proper execution, or lead/follow techniques. This is not a good way to learn to shag because our shag dance is based on style. If you select someone you do not think dances with a smooth style and good execution then expect to wind up looking not so great!
     This is a very important point: The shag dance is constantly changing. Our dance changes with each generation of dancers and things go in and out of style. The teacher should know the things that are now considered acceptable and what is out of style or simply not done anymore (eg, male kick basic...).

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